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Upcoming Train Events

Ephemerama #16.png

Ephemerama No.16

If you have not participated in Ephemerama or Paperpalooza and would like to please submit your info here:

If you have participated in the past, the sign-up link will be made available via the email provided to us. It is a rotating list with a lot of sellers so please be patient.

Ephemera Seller Feedback Survey -

Look for other Whatnot Ephemera Events Hosted by SchmidtAuctions & Pengwenboss

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Mystery Boxes.jpg
Mystery Boxes (Instagram Post).jpg

Mystery Boxes - Spring Edition

Join us April 6th for a fun fast paced seller train with a

unique way of selling!

Be prepared for everything from fancy glass to foreign food snacks and everything in between.


All will be sold using some sort of mystery element, traditional box events, scoops, pulls and more!


If you are a Whatnot seller and are interested in participating in upcoming mystery box events please submit your info here

Ephemerama No,17.jpg

Ephemerama No.17

April 13th from 11am-11pm est

Ephemerama No,17 (Instagram Post).jpg
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