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Upcoming Train Events & Other Info

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Paperpalooza N0. 5

Join us May 11-12th for the 5th Paperpalooza Event on Whatnot!

2 days of our finest paper sellers, 1 hour time slots, giveaways every hour. PRESHOW at 10:45am est each day. Hope you can join us!


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Postcards On Parade!

Join us Sun May 26th for our Postcards On Parade Whatnot Seller Raid Train!

This is a fun POSTCARD ONLY raid train. PRESHOW at 10:45am, Giveaways every 30 min, we hope you can join us!


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Postcards (1).png

We are making love matches in the Whatnot Ephemera category.

Let us know what you are looking for as a buyer and give us your feedback!


Ephemerama No.18

June 8th from 11am-11pm est

Ephemerama (Instagram Post).png

If you have not participated in Ephemerama or Paperpalooza and would like to please submit your info here:

If you have participated in the past, the sign-up link will be made available via the email provided to us. It is a rotating list with a lot of sellers so please be patient.

Ephemera Seller Feedback Survey

Look for other Whatnot Ephemera Events Hosted by SchmidtAuctions & Pengwenboss



Man-Phemera Raid Train!

Join us Sat/Sun June 22nd & 23rd for another fun Ephemera Raid Train!

We are celebrating men who love ephemera and the Ephemera men love! Alternating 30/60 MIN time slots. Giveaways every live. PRESHOW at 10:45am. We hope you can join us!


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Are you planning an Ephemera Raid Train? Submit it here!

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