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Save the date - Dec 2nd 10am (Preview@9am)
Renninger's Kutztown White Room LIVE PUBLIC AUCTION!

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Auctions closing monthly!


Sunday's at 8PM!

Walking Through Confetti

Auctions closing every Sunday at 8PM!

Over 1000 'Buy it Now' Lots Shop-able Anytime!

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Auctions closing every Sunday at 8PM!

Over 900 'Buy it Now' Coin & Currency Lots

Shop-able Anytime!

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Digital Photography

Schmidt Auctions Presents...  Digital  Assets


Tired of starting with a blank worksheet?

Taking a million photos got you down?


We have the solution for you!

Start with our data pre loaded by buying the digital assets!

Whether your importing hundreds of items to multiple market places or just a few items to your favorite market place,  we have a helping hand for you! 

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